Tap Into Decades of Experience

The Consulting CIO provides a variety of CIO support services to assist organisations in modernising, transforming and proceduaralising complex IT systems.


As the demand for information technology services increases, CIOs must have both a micro and macro understanding of IT facilities; including Digital Services, Cloud Migration, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cybersecurity and Agile development among others. As CIO responsibilities expand to include policy and practice development, budgeting, planning, resourcing and training, CIOs must have both organisational and personal skills, as well as an expert-level aptitude in business and IT management.

The Consulting CIO services include:

Strategic IT Planning

Strategic IT planning to identify common IT goals and establish agreement around intended outcomes and results.

Enterprise Architecture

For defining the structure and operation of an organisation, and establishing a plan for achieving current and future objectives optimally.

IT Integration

Business/subsidiary IT integration for efficient and effective integration of IT systems, software and hardware across businesses and subsidiaries.

Advisory Services

Advisory services in the areas of data security and cybersecurity – addressing customer, regulatory, board and corporate concerns.

Engage an Experienced CIO Advisor 

The Consulting CIO (KareemTawansi) is a highly skilled Technology professional, with over 30 years of experience, who can support your organisations by acting as either your interim or permanent, part-time Chief Information Officer. This can be helpful for businesses who need interim leadership in the absence of a full-time CIO as well as businesses who do not currently have a full-time CIO but are experiencing rapid growth and need a fractional resource to fill that role. 

Kareem will assist you in the day-to-day responsibilities and roles of your information technology executives, enabling your organisation to utilise an experienced CIO specialist without having to secure, train and employ a full-time Technology leader for your organization. Leveraging the technology and systems of the moment is integral to securing business success in the 21st century, and with Kareem as your Consulting CIO your organisation will have no trouble utilising these solutions extensively and to your direct benefit. 

Meet Kareem, The Consulting CIO


Chief Information Officers often balance the role of both business leader and information technology manager, and are responsible for a wide variety of corporate tasks within modern organisations. CIOs are accountable for everything within an organisation’s IT ecosystem, from the purchase of new IT equipment and systems as well as managing its infrastructure, to leading, directing and recruiting the organisation’s IT workforce. In addition, CIOs are responsible for mapping out the information and communications technology (ICT) strategy and policy of their organisations, ensuring that the technology is effectively procured and/or developed and utilised, and that plans detailing how it is used are effectively documented.

This must all be done against the organsation’s overall business strategy. Ultimately, creating and executing a Digital Strategy that supports the organisation’s overall business strategy is key for a successful Chief Information Officer.